Sunday, February 17, 2008

But I am le tired!

Signs that Caitlin is a little pooped from a weekend of alpine skiing:
- not enough energy to even swear when 1) 4 hr drive turns into 7.5 hr drive due to lots of snow and "wintry mix," 2) car is dead in parking lot, 3) car gets stuck after being jumped by super-awesome work friends, and 4) friend's car gets stuck trying to get out of the parking lot
- dinner consists of crackers, ice cream, and leftover apple crisp from V-day
- after wanting to make more interesting cake to decorate for Wednesday's class, all that gets made is a simple, plain, boring yellow cake
- motivation to get TWD cake done a day early disappears, replaced by wish that she had not given up chocolate for Lent

But hey, I did manage to make it down a lot of slopes for my first time skiing downhill! And I only fell a few times - with some very pretty and colorful bruises. Oh, and people didn't think I was weird for getting excited about watching America's Test Kitchen on PBS this weekend - Yay!

On that note, I'm going to get back to watching Food Network Challenge: Extreme Cakes. Super exciting stuff, eh?

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