Thursday, February 7, 2008

Five gallons of frosting? Be still my heart!

Last night, I had my very first Cake Decorating class. I wish I had pictures, but alas, that will have to wait until next week. Instead, all I can do is attempt to describe to you the mayhem of a dozen people, one instructor, 20 cakes, and a 5 gallon bucket of frosting. Yes, I didn't believe it either, but you can in fact buy a 5 gallon bucket of frosting. Normally, I'm such a sucker for frosting that I would have been all over the idea of just snacking on my less than perfect stars and shells. After three hours in the same room as that frosting though, I couldn't even stomach the idea of a little nibble of sugary goodness. Luckily, I did learn a lot of interesting things including stars, shells, reverse shells, and the importance of a "crumb coat." I can't wait until next week - making buttercreams and royal icings, learning how to pipe script onto cakes, and possibly a few more decorative touches. By the end of the class, I will even know how to make flowers! (Yes, that's the main reason why I signed up for this class...) I'm already plotting to sign up for the Advanced Cake Decorating class that starts the week after this one finishes - fondant and gumpaste fun, anyone?

On another note, after the whole Tuesdays with Dorie thing, I had 5 (count em!) egg whites left over. I was busy at the Y on both Monday and Tuesday thanks to chatting with people after the fitness classes I do there, Wednesday was taken up with cake decorating, which left Thursday as the day to use them up before they were forgotten in the depths of my fridge. For a while, I perused the various posts by bloggers of ways to use up egg whites, but they were all sweet and I wanted to use my egg whites for something savory instead. I mean, I couldn't exactly eat marshmallows and macarons for dinner! So this is what I threw together:

Yep, an egg white frittata. No real recipe, just 5 egg whites, a handful of chopped spinach, a bunch of crumbled feta, and a dash of cream tossed into my trusty cast iron skillet with some butter for 5-10 min so the bottom would firm up. Once the top was only a little jiggly, I put it under the broiler for 3-5 min to get it nice and golden brown. A little salt and pepper and voila! Dinner, and no more leftover egg whites. Well, I guess now I just have half a frittata left over instead... Maybe it will be lunch tomorrow?

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