Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TWD: Tarte Fine

Can I just say that I believe that technology hates me right now? First, Blogger went down last night, so I couldn't upload photos or write witty commentary (well, I couldn't do that before, but now I have something to blame for it!). Then I spent an hour sifting through purchase requests for our lab so that I could start maintaining an inventory of items that need to be stocked in the lab. But see, I wanted to make it all simple and easy for anyone in our lab to access it, so I figured I'd make a gmail account and put it up as a google document. FAIL. Seriously. First, the password I chose for our lab's email account was too weak (seriously? stop judging me, it was supposed to be easy.). Then I got that fixed and it decided that the date I put in for the birthday made our lab too young (again, the judging!). So I figured I'd put in my birthday. Turns out, Gmail believes that 25 is too young to have your own gmail account. Evidently, it was Google win, Caitlin fail all night. Hmph.

Then again, I at least had this little tarte to munch on during my fit of pique. I made it this weekend, and so it was substantially downsized from the original proportions. You see, a mere 1.5 months after the fiance moved to NC to live with me, he found a job! And then said job sent him to Virginia for a straight week of training. grumblegrumble So in an effort to, well, not eat an entire sheet of puff pastry on my own, I improvised. It was assembled while I baked the double apple bundt (oh fall, how I love you and your flavors), so I saw zero point in attempting to sliver an apple into 28 little wedges. Luckily, I had scaled down the bundt so I had half an egg and a pile of grated apple just waiting to be used up. So that's where it went. Yes, it's a bit messier and less sleek than the original, but it seriously is the perfect thing to have around when technology doesn't cooperate.

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chocolatechic said...

You know what I see?

Not failure, but perseverance.

Good for you!

Your tart is fabulous and creative.

thewhimsicalcupcake said...

look whos' being all savvy and utilizing extras ;)

i don't care HOW it looks, as long as it's tasty!

Leslie said...

I think it looks pretty irresistible, especially when you've just learned you're too young to have your own email account. Driving, check. Voting, check. College degree, check. Email, no way. Trust me, one day you will be THRILLED when someone tells you you're too YOUNG for something. It will make your week.

I bet the apples cooked down even better the way you did it. Thanks for baking with me this week!

cindy said...

It could be the perfect food!

Judy said...

I think you were very creative and resourceful, given the various roadblocks. Congrats on the fiance's new job.

Jacque said...

oh my, I'm tired just reading about all you have to do. Way to make the tarte work for you... looks great!

Kayte said...

What a cute little tart. Hopefully things are going much better today!