Thursday, April 7, 2011

NFR: My Wedding

You know what's crazy? Dizzying highs and lows. After the past month, the last couple of days have been pretty kick ass. Let's count the ways:

1. Rough draft of a research paper, turned in to be (kindly, constructively) mauled with red ink.
2. Major deliverable for another project completed, with the associated presentation all ready to go for today.
3. Funding for my next year of graduate school settled.
4. Said funding involving an amazing program that has seriously made this past year in graduate school beyond awesome.
5. My wedding. I know it was a few months ago, but bear with me - I'm over at A Practical Wedding, sharing photos (taken by Helene, remember?) and thoughts.

All good things, people. Please tell me you've been having good things happen too?

And for those who don't understand what goes on in my brain, a) feel thankful, and b) NFR = not food related


Nancy/n.o.e said...

I'm glad to hear of all the good things that are coming your way these days, Caitlin. A wonderful read and a great reminder to me to count my own blessings! (and thanks for translating NFR, was scratching my head over that one too.)

pxilated said...

Thanks for your practical wedding post. It's nice to see an honest reaction. People put so much pressure on themselves and too often have unrealistically high expectations for a wedding day. I understand when you put in a lot of effort, you want a high return. In the grand scheme of things, though, a wedding day is so out of the ordinary as to allow most people to be in their comfort zone and truly enjoy themselves. I dunno. I got married by a notary on a Monday in a parking lot of the university where my husband and I work during our lunch break. Maybe I'm not the one to ask.

Best wishes.

jacqui | happyjackeats said...

I love that you wrote so honestly about your wedding, Caitlin. I never really liked the idea that the wedding is supposed to be the best day of our lives, anyway. If that were the case, wouldn't everything just be downhill from there? You have nowhere to go but up, my friend. :)

Nicole said...

Popping over from practical wedding. I loved the post and I'm happy for your 5 great things! Especially funding... I'm playing that game right now, so congrats to you!

Jen said...

LOVE your wedding dress - you were a stunning bride!!!!

Rigby said...

Congrats on your wedding :) It is a very special day, but it is only the first of many with your spouse :) I never understood all the hype when we got married: it was special and a very nice day, but marriage is more then a pretty dress and good cake :)

Best wishes!