Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TWD: Memories of Chocolate Biscotti

Dorie's chocolate biscotti. Yes, I did make them, a whole four years ago. More time than that actually. I just haven't made them lately. And that's because of the couple, the baby family, with whom I made them the first time. Then, they were a bit of a smaller baby family, just the two of them. But this weekend? This past weekend, I got to fly back to Wisconsin to see them with their adorable son. Almost at the three month mark, he had figured out his legs, was starting to figure out that he did, in fact, have arms, and hadn't quite figured out the falling asleep gig.

It didn't matter. We spent much too much time getting him to smile and blow bubbles, kick off our hands to push himself across the carpet, and give us the most ridiculous furrowed forehead looks I've ever seen from something that teeny. So instead of baking, we reminisced about baking. There are very few people with whom I'm completely comfortable in the kitchen. Christine is one of them. We just work around and with each other incredibly well, and trust that each of us will know how to do whatever the recipe tells us to do. (Unlike some, who find the instruction to cream butter and sugar to be completely baffling.) The first few times we hung out involved the kitchen - her teaching me ravioli, me teaching her apple pie. After that, things just blur. We went through the list of TWD picks, and were floored by how many we had made together. Thankfully for my sanity, she no longer has the patience to carefully fan out each apple slice for the apple cheesecake.

So it was four years ago that we chilled in the kitchen and made chocolate biscotti. A test run for Christmas gifts, which included toffee and mini loaves of quick bread and a couple other kinds of cookies (at least mine did). And since we were willing to make them again, in large quantities for gifting, they were definitely a winner. Just, well... I was a bit more focused on the little addition to their family than I was on their flour and sugar canisters this time. If you'd like to see others' reactions, we've been leaving our links on a weekly post and you can click through to see what others thought.


Bridget said...

Apparently the chocolate biscotti were just too tempting to wait for someone to choose them for the group - I baked them two and a half years ago! I'm glad you had a great weekend with your friends!

wakkawoo101 said...

I remember when you made this before. You mailed me some as part of a Christmas present but I had gone to my parents. UPS was kind enough to leave it on my front step through all the storms that rolled through. :(