Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TWD: Currant Cream Scones

Thank goodness people. Thank goodness. For every no-good very-bad day, there is a day that is so full of rainbows and sparkle ponies that I don't know what to do about it. And when they're just a few days apart? Win. Three days ago, I woke up sore, groggy, and not at all interested in my early Saturday routine of run-farmers market-local coop-grocery store-breakfast-baking-ohmygod is it really only 11a? Not one bit. I made it to the market, where I scored adorable little cherry tomatoes, sweeter than candy. On to the co-op, where croissants were purchased. Then to home, where croissants were eaten and coffee was sipped. But after that? Yeah, um NO. I moved on to wallowing. Snacking on things while watching episode after episode of Angel. Napping with Annabelle. Eating cereal for dinner. While nice, it doesn't make me feel as good as my normal Saturday routine.

Thank goodness for Sunday though. A 2 hour hike and a deli lunch made up for the computer glitch which caused the outdoor fire alarms at our apartment to go off for over 2 hours that evening. but dinner was, again, cereal. But Monday? Monday had it down. After almost 9 hours of sleep, it was time to rock it. My LC/MS behaved, so I was able to get dearly-needed data to a group member for an article submission. It was sunny. Coffee was fresh. And even when I went to check my samples and a glitch had caused it to conk out? I just started laughing and reset everything. (People, that is not my normal reaction.) My advisor had forgotten that we would all be scattering to the four winds (me to CO, them to ATL) over the next 2-3 weeks, so I got an impromptu birthday lunch with the group. I brought in cake and shared it with the awesome people I've come to know over the last year (!!year!!). Birthday cake quickly turned into engagement cake, as I found out that a friend in the department had just gotten engaged that weekend. My run at the end of the day had an unexpected mile tacked on, just because I felt like it. And J? J made me dinner. It was wonderful.

I'm not sure if it was because of my attitude when I woke up, or whether I just made my mind up in the shower that Monday would be a good day, but it didn't matter. Because Monday was a good day, and that's all there is to it. What more do you need? Stop questioning, just tell yourself that today will be a good day, and get to it. Jump in, feet first, eyes wide open, mouth grinning. And while some days will be less than wonderful, I seem to be having a higher than normal proportion of sparkle pony days.

As for these scones? Guys, these scones have been vetted over the past few years. I've mentioned them only twice, but am quite sure I'd run out of fingers and toes trying to count how many times I've made them since buying Dorie's book. With raisins, scones, blueberries, dried cherries, and plain, these suckers are good. I've mentioned all of these before, but I'll say them again - freeze and grate your butter, work them as little as possible, and keep some shaped, unbaked scones in the freezer for brunch emergencies. They are always, always a hit.

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TeaLady said...

If Monday is a good day the rest of the week should be GREAT!!!

Love the little mini scones. I bet they were good with blueberries. Mine were plain, but mighty tasty.

steph- whisk/spoon said...

i think one of these cream scones would start any day off on the right foot.

Nancy/n.o.e said...

So fun reading about your happy day; and if it starts out less than stellar, I'll wager that one of these scones from the freezer stash will set things quickly on the right path!