Thursday, August 4, 2011

TWD: Cocoa Almond Meringues

So. Tuesdays with Dorie are occasionally inevitably sliding into Thursdays with Dorie, thanks to a rather confusing summer schedule. I'm not feeling to guilty about this, since after 3.5 years in the group I'm still baking everything. Posting on time? Yeah, I was really good about that for the first three years. Now? Probably not so much. It's enough for me to continue baking, photographing, and talking about all of the recipes as they're chosen.

And hey! I have a very good reason! I just spent a frenetic, crazy, awesome four days in Baltimore visiting my best friend from college and her fiance. Having only been to Baltimore once before for a wedding, I never had the chance to spend much time bopping around the city. But this time was full of excitement - there was a walk around the touristy section of the inner harbor, where great people-watching was to be had thanks to Otakon. Then on to Fort McHenry, a wonderful lunch on the rooftop of a restaurant (my first time using a hammer to take apart crab!), a walk back around the harbor to a wonderful frozen yogurt place (red velvet froyo = amazing), and then back to their apartment. With a quick run out for dinner supplies, we figure we covered 12-13 miles walking on Saturday. Sunday was a bit less overwhelming, with a trip to the farmers market, a walk around Johns Hopkins (they're both doing PhDs there), and a lunch which featured a veggie sandwich containing pickled ginger. Seriously people, I'm putting pickled ginger on every sandwich from now on. It was that good. A trip to an Italian bakery finished out the day. Lots of chatting and catching up throughout and an amazing time was had.

So take that as my excuse for making this more of a ThWD than a TWD. I made these meringues (sans chopped chocolate) a couple weeks ago, causing me to make a certain discovery. My oven tends to run hot, so the hour of baking at a lower temperature still managed to burn the bottoms of some of my meringues. Given that, if your oven runs hot, I would suggest only baking one tray at a time or making sure to switch trays around during baking to avoid burning. Other than that, they were wonderful - the almost burnt ones were crispy, and the top tray was full of meringues with the most beguiling chewy center topped with an airy crisp. Like I said, wonderful.

Last Week: Chocolate Sorbet (upon reflection, this should not have been halved. don't make my mistake.)
Next Week: Carrot Spice Muffins (so, so good. I'm excited to make these again!)


Nancy/n.o.e said...

I'd be happy to have some meringues from the top tray - what a great description of the beguiling center. My meringues were chewy everywhere! I always love your TWD review and preview (yay for carrot muffins!) at the bottom of your post.

steph- whisk/spoon said...

i think you're more than entitled to a ThWD every once and awhile. when i go for sushi, i always scarf down all the pickled ginger slices and leave my husband with just the wasabi!