Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Simple Mantra

It's not very often that I read a blog post that really makes me step back. One that makes me evaluate what I'm doing, how I approach that particular topic. And thank goodness for kickstarting this here blog back up again, because now I have somewhere to talk about it when it does happen. Blogging is incredibly narcissistic, but few people clearly express that narcissism in a way that still applies to others. Most just give you a window into their life, without any real inclination at the end to apply it to your own. Well, that's my opinion I guess, so feel free to disagree.

But I read just that sort of unique post this morning. It's from a blog that I pulled into my Google Reader because I met another woman who writes a running blog, and because when I clicked over to the site, it made me want to read all of the archives while laughing hysterically. So I did. Angry Runner is a running blog (duh), but it's one that manages to do something I find very difficult. She is sarcastic, puts in way more miles per week than I do (as in 2-3 times as many), does so faster than I do, and still doesn't make me feel guilty about my running. Instead, she makes me feel awesome that I even run at all. Sound hard? Yeah, but she nails it.

So the post that she wrote this morning hit home. Essentially, the take-home is that you either ran today, or you didn't. You can come up with any excuse you want, but if you didn't run, that's that. She used more words, and of course her words are a heck of a lot funnier than mine are, but that's the gist of it. Not only that, no one really cares what you did yesterday, if you ran a lot of mileage last week, or if you're running ridiculously fast when you do run. The only person you answer to at the end of the day is you. That's it. And as long as you can sleep at night on those days you don't run, good for you. But the choice is yours.

As I try to put in more mileage (prepping for this 10 mile race), I realize that this is so incredibly true. Yeah, J might nudge me out the door on days when I don't feel like running, but I could ignore that and just not run. And really, those days that I don't run? Most of the time, I'd be happier if I had. Or even if I had hopped on an elliptical, swam laps, gone for a long walk, or (god help us) ridden an exercise bike for an hour or so. So really, what's holding me back from just running? Hell if I know, but I do know this - the next time I try to come up with excuses for why I didn't run that day, I'm going to think of her post. You either ran today, or you didn't. And nobody cares what your excuse is.


Y said...

Well that's a good way to think about it. I run pretty regularly, but I tend not to analyse it at all. It's just something I do because I enjoy it.

Terry Nutkins said...

Hello! I have just stumbled across this, what a great blog!!

Off topic for this post, I know, but I thought it would be the best way to ask you about it. Is there any chance at all you could please, please, please, please, please re-post the recipe to the sourdough croissants you made here?

The page that you link to with the recipe has gone. I'm scouring the intenet for sourdough croissant recipes but none of them seem to compare to yours or sound anywhere near as delicious. Maybe it's the way you write!